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Audio Monitoring Equipment

Audio Monitoring Equipment and Surveillance Devices of the best professional brands for broadcast distributed by Broadcast Market Italy.

Audio Monitors are specifically designed to provide a true image of your audio broadcasting system.

If you've spent hours making your music or broadcasting it through various channels, then an audio monitoring system is essential for your studio.


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€3,084.12 €3,426.80
525N Inovonics Broadcast AM modulation monitor AM Modulation Monitor: Off-Air Tunable | 520kHz - 1720kHz in 10kHz steps or 522kHz - 1719kHz in 9kHz steps | Alarms | LCD Metering | Passive antenna included | Full...
€3,829.41 €4,254.90
531N Inovonics Broadcast FM Modulation Monitor Incorporating all the necessary features for station setup, regulatory compliance, and remote monitoring, Inovonics' 531N is the ultimate choice for essential FM signal...
€2,080.50 €2,190.00
Audio Monitor AM-03 - AEQ AEQ's AM-03 audio trusted monitor is intended for use in VTR, OB Van, TV and radio control rooms, and multimedia systems - wherever it is needed to monitor the presence and quality of high...
€1,235.00 €1,300.00
Audio Monitor BEL BCR A1OB The BCR range of trusted monitors offers "a cost-effective option for audio rack monitoring" for use in master control rooms, transmission suites, OB vehicles or as part of fly-away systems...
€1,710.00 €1,800.00
Axel Tech Parrot Analog audio dispenser, 1x8 Stereo, Bal. Stereo IN on XLR, 4 Bal. Stereo OUT on XL R with independent level adjustment, 4 Stereo OUT on PIN-RCA. HW bypass. Rack 19'' 1u. 230/115Vac power supply. The...
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