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SUONO TELECOM was founded in the second half of the seventies by a team of specialists who built equipment for the first Italian private radios since 1975.

Since the beginning, SUONO TELECOM has adopted a corporate philosophy focused on innovation and technology. High quality combined with customer satisfaction.

In 1980, thanks to a special transposer model, SUONO TELECOM contributed to the creation of the first Italian private radio network.

In 1991 at the fair "Vive la Radio" in Paris, SUONO TELECOM was the first to present an 8.5GHz radio link. Then it was equipped with a 2 Mbit modem to transfer high quality digital audio signals on radio link.

In 1994 SUONO TELECOM built the first Italian FM modulation monitor thanks to which hundreds of FM stations could keep their modulation parameters under control.

In 1995 on the occasion of the IBTS, SUONO TELECOM presented the first 2Mbit digital radio bridge working at 17GHz. specifically designed for FM.

In the 1999 edition of IBTS SUONO TELECOM presented a preview of a Digital FM exciter and, at the same time, the first ever radio bridge in which the modulation and the relative demodulation are obtained digitally by DSP.

Since mid 2000 Radio Sentinel is available the first system that allows to measure remotely via GSM the FM modulation parameters and all RDS data.

SUONO TELECOM also builds equipment specifically for other companies while a constant commitment in research and development is aimed at achieving maximum customer satisfaction.


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