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New dimensions of listening, impressive sound experiences and moments to give you goosebumps – the world of audio can deliver all of this: At Sennheiser, we seek to excel in shaping such experiences each and every day. Since the inception of our company 75 years ago, we have become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones and wireless transmission systems.

Shaping the future of audio and creating unique sound experiences for customers is the aim that unites Sennheiser employees and partners worldwide.

Turning 75 years in 2020, we are looking forward to celebrating and looking back on a history of ideas, innovations, challenging projects and achievements.

With our headquarters in Wennebostel, Germany where Sennheiser was founded, we remember our roots: We care about our impact on the world and take responsibility for our role as a leading company within the audio industry.


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€370.50 €390.00
MICROFONO SENNHEISER E935 Dynamic cardioid vocal microphone that offers a natural sound. Fast transient response ensures that details are not left out. 100% metal housing for hard on-stage use.
€207.10 €218.00
 MICROPHONESENNHEISER E835 MICROPHONE Lead vocal stage mic, designed to perform under pressure. Uniform frequency pick-up pattern maintains signal quality when moving on and off axis during performance. Gentle...
€336.30 €354.00
SENNHEISER E945 MICROPHONE The Sennheiser E945 is a high-quality supercardioid dynamic microphone designed primarily for recording and amplifying vocals in live and studio environments. This microphone is known for...
€646.00 €680.00
HD-650 OPEN-BACK MONITOR HEADPHONES With linear acoustics tailored for extended listening sessions and smooth, rewarding bass performance, the HD 560S was made for analytical audio enthusiasts. The HD 560S delivers...
€549.10 €578.00
SENNHEISER MK4 MICROPHONE The MK 4 is a true wide diaphragm condenser microphone for professional studio recordings. Equipped with high resolution and excellent sound quality the MK 4 is easy to handle and has an...
€369.55 €389.00
Sennheiser XSW 1-ME2 B-Band Lapel Set Go for XS WIRLESS 1 and rely on a solid wireless transmission with up to 10 compatible channels in a stable UHF band. The XS WIRELESS 1 LAVALIER MIC SET is an easy to use all-in-...
€41.76 €46.40
Windproof Pop Filter for Microphone Sennheiser MKW 4 The Sennheiser MKW 4 wind filter with open cell polyurethane foam is necessary to minimize noise, wind and disturbing movements. It does not cause interference and...
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