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Broadcast Video Mixer

The video mixer is arguably the core element of a television studio.

It allows you to air the desired source via simple or complex transitions; create and manage virtual sets; superimpose graphics or texts.


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€3,990.00 €4,200.00
ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K Create stunning multi camera live production with the world’s most advanced production switchers! ATEM switches between SD, HD or Ultra HD video standards so you can form exciting live...
€410.40 €432.00
Multi-camera live productions with advanced broadcast features With ATEM Mini switchers, it's easy to create professional multi-camera productions that stream live to YouTube and innovative business presentations on...
€6,814.35 €7,173.00
ATEM 2 M/E Advanced Panel This larger model features 2 M/E rows with 20 input buttons on each row and 2 independent system control LCDs, one for each row. There's 8 LCDs for custom labels and both rows include a...
€4,671.15 €4,917.00
ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K ATEM live production switchers feature a sleek, machined aluminum front panel with dedicated buttons to switch auxiliary outputs. You can use the built-in video screen to monitor the...
€20,455.40 €21,532.00
ATEM 4 M/E Advanced Panel This large model is ideal for taking full advantage of the ATEM Production Studio 4K features. It offers 4 M/E buses with 40 buttons and 4 independent system LCDs each. It also boasts 24 LCDs...
€14,616.70 €15,386.00
ATEM CONSTELLATION 8K ATEM Constellation 8K is an Ultra HD switcher for live production, packed with ultra-high performance features capable of operating even in 8K! Equipped with 4 M/E, it offers 40 12G-SDI inputs,...
€3,988.10 €4,198.00
ATEM 1 M/E The new ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel is a sleekly designed professional hardware control panel for all ATEM switches. It combines modern design with the latest transmission technology for faster workflows. The...
€1,328.10 €1,398.00
ATEM Mini Extreme The advanced switcher for real professionals. It has all the features of the ATEM Mini Pro, plus 8 HDMI inputs, 2 HDMI outputs, 2 USB ports and a headphone connection. It also has 4 color keys, 6...
€1,715.70 €1,806.00
ATEM Mini Extreme ISO The ATEM Mini Extreme ISO, in addition to the features of the ATEM Mini Extreme, records nine real-time H.264 video streams, namely the clean feed of the eight inputs and the program. It also...
€662.34 €697.20
ATEM Mini Pro The ATEM Mini Pro sets up in a snap and is easy to use. It offers 4 HDMI inputs with standards conversion, a USB webcam output and HDMI output, a Fairlight audio mixer with EQ and dynamics, DVE for...
€1,062.10 €1,118.00
ATEM MINI PRO ISO ATEM Mini's compact all-in-one design has a front panel and connections on the back. The panel houses buttons to select sources, video effects and transitions. In addition, the ATEM Mini Pro houses...
€4,121.10 €4,338.00
ATEM TELEVISION STUDIO PRO 4K The new ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K model includes all the benefits of the HD models and now adds Ultra HD capability with multiple SDI inputs. With 8 independent 12G-SDI inputs, ATEM...
€3,235.70 €3,406.00
ATEM Television Studio Pro HD ATEM Television Studio Pro HD is the first production switcher designed for both broadcasters and AV professionals with a fully featured hardware control panel built in. It includes 4 SDI...
€26,764.35 €28,173.00
NewTek TriCaster 1 Pro TriCaster 1 Pro is an incredibly powerful production system for the modern producer, publisher, and content creator. The perfect balance of investment and power for mid-sized productions with...
€38,468.35 €40,493.00
NewTek Tricaster 2 Elite Designed with a purpose and built with a commitment to ensure you have everything you need to create extraordinary productions, NewTek live production systems provide the most comprehensive...
€17,094.30 €17,994.00
TriCaster  TC410 Plus TriCaster TC410 Plus enables producers to create high-end video smoother, faster, and easier. With only 2RU of rack space in a flight-pack or tight space, you gain the freedom of movement that's...
€3,724.00 €3,920.00
SONY MCX-500 The MCX-500 is a remarkably intuitive, flexible and affordable production switcher that helps individual operators or small teams produce broadcast-quality live events. Multiple video inputs include...
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