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Audio and Video Converters

There are many different types of converters that can be used differently within a television studio.


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Mini Optical Fiber Converter 12G Mini Converter Optical Fiber 12G converts SDI to fiber and fiber to SDI in both directions simultaneously, you can even have different video standards in each direction! The 12G - SDI...
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 Mini Converter SYNC GENERATOR Includes 6 quartz stabilized video reference outputs to synchronize your studio's video equipment in high definition tri-sync or standard definition black burst. Perfect for small...
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Mini HDMI to SDI Converter With Blackmagic Design's Micro HDMI to SDI converter, a single high-definition HDMI signal can be converted into two 3G-SDI signals to ensure workflow compatibility in professional video...
€247.00 €260.00
Mini Converter-Analog to SDI  The ideal solution for converting component analog, S-Video and NTSC/PAL composite to SDI. Audio can be integrated from the balanced analog or AES/EBU inputs. Convert signals from analog...
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Blackmagic Mini Convertitore - Audio a SDI 2 Embed audio into any SDI source in SD and HD formats up to 1080p60 Audio is input as balanced analog or AES/EBU using ¼ inch connectors from equipment such as mixers and...
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Mini Converter SDI to Analog  Converts SD and HD-SDI signals to component analog, S-Video, or NTSC/PAL composite. It accepts SD and HD inputs up to 1080p30, and performs lower resolution conversions to switch between...
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Mini SDI to Audio Converter  Separates audio from any SDI source in SD and HD formats up to 1080p60. Audio passes through ¼" connectors for balanced analog audio and AES/EBU and reaches devices such as mixers, analog...
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Mini Converter SDI Distribution Mini Converter SDI Distribution 4K is the ideal solution for connecting multiple SDI devices. Connect one SDI source to 8 SDI outputs with reclocking and automatic switching between...
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Blackmagic Mini Converter SDI to HDMI Miniaturized broadcast quality SD and HD USB or AC powered converter that converts SDI from professional equipment into HDMI for use with consumer TVs, projectors and more!...
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Teranex Standards Converters Teranex converters are the ultimate solution for converting SD, HD and Ultra HD standards, delivering the quality and performance required by top TV broadcasters worldwide. Choose from a...
Mini Converter - UpDownCross HD Blackmagic Mini Converter UpDownCross HD is a standards converter that converts any SD or HD video format to a different SD or HD format. It offers SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs, and...
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