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TV Audio Processor

The Audio Processor is a very important piece of equipment, as it is usually the last one you use before your audio is transmitted.


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€5,313.35 €5,593.00
FALCON THREE SDI FALCON THREE TV is a fully digital 3-band TV audio processor and loudness control unit, the result of long experience of the AxelTech team of TV technicians, psychoacoustics experts and designers...
€3,724.00 €3,920.00
ITEL DPRO6 TV Audio processor for TV with capability of dembedding and reembedding audio on SDI stream, 2 band agc, 6 band limiting compressor and denoiser, includes loudness control according to ITU-R BS1770.
€19,012.35 €20,013.00
Orban Optimod-TV 8685 Surround Loudness Controller Orban's flagship OPTIMOD TV 8685 surround/stereo television loudness controller draws on Orban's more than 30 years of experience in television audio processing to...
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