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Nowadays, technology integration in telecommunications is moving rapidly; the pervasion of information technology is network interconnection will produce tangible benefits.

Our experience, use of flexible design techniques and close contact with our customers give us the knowledge to contribute to this convergence. Simplicity and Strength Delta Meccanica is synonymous with simplicity and rationality. Our products are the end result of innovative design and reliable manufacturing technologies. We therefore guarantee long life and the best compromise between quality and price. Business activities


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€190.00 €200.00
DUMMY LOAD 100W-1365-10 MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS Connections                                                       N Overall dimensions [WxDxH] [mm]              113x59x219 Temperature range (C°)...
€342.00 €360.00
DUMMY LOAD 200W P.N. 1365-20 Mechanical Characteristics   Connections N or DIN 7/16 female Overall dimensions [WxDxH] 120x265x123 Temperature range [°C] -10÷50 Weight [kg] 2.5 Cooling system Convection
€2,185.00 €2,300.00
DUMMY LOAD 2500W-OIL COOLED PN 1365-250 Mechanical Characteristics   EIA 7/8", 1 5/8" or 3 1/8" connections Overall dimensions [WxDxH] 230x600x500 Temperature range [° C] -10 ÷ 50 Weight [kg] 36 Cooling system Oil...
€6,840.00 €7,200.00
Dummy load 30kW liquid cooled P.N. 1365-3000 Mechanical Characteristics   Connections EIA 3 1/8" Overall dimensions [WxDxH] 498 x 130 Category Liquid cooled Coolant flow rate > 55 l/m Cooling system External...
€4,085.00 €4,300.00
DUMMY LOAD 5000W-COOLED OIL P.N. 1365-500 Mechanical Characteristics   Connections EIA 1 5/8" Overall dimensions [WxDxH] 241x820x720 Temperature range [°C] -10÷50 Weight [kg] 75 Cooling system Oil Cooling
€760.00 €800.00
DUMMY LOAD 600W P.N. 1365-60 Mechanical Characteristics   Connections N or DIN 7/16 Overall dimensions [WxDxH] 115x285x290 Temperature range [°C] -10÷50 Weight [kg] 6 Cooling system Convection    
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