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Headphone Amplifier

A selection of the best professional headphone amplifiers for your radio studio.


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€207.00 €230.00
Behringer HA6000 Multi-purpose professional headphone amplifier for stage and studio applications Maximum sound quality with virtually all types of headphones even at maximum volume 6 independent high-powered...
€51.30 €54.00
HA400 BEHRINGER A 4 CANALI  This preamplifier, is very compact and solid with the metal shell. Tested in different situations, both live (attached to the stage mixer to adjust the volumes of the band's headphone...
€224.20 €236.00
HA8000 V2 BEHRINGER The HA8000 was developed and designed for demanding applications such as recording studios and radio and TV studios. Its perfectly balanced outputs and inputs thus guarantee the same performance.
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