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Trusses allow you to install all the lights that you will use for the scene.


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€380.95 €401.00
Global Truss F34200 Truss 2.0 m The F34 truss series from Global Truss is a TÜV-approved 4-point system with an outside dimension of 29 cm. Because of its perfect load capacity in relation to weight and size, this...
€385.70 €406.00
Global Truss F34C21 90° Corner The F34 square truss series would not be complete without a wide selection of corner joints. Widely used by industry professionals and designers, they offer endless possibilities, always...
€451.25 €475.00
Global Truss F34C30 90° Corner The Global Truss F34C30 F34 3 Way Corner is made from lightweight yet durable aluminium. The F34C30 corner has a square segment construction with a tube diameter of 50mm and a wall...
€432.25 €455.00
Global Truss F34T35 T-Piece The Global Truss F34/T35 T-Piece is a 3-way corner part of the T35 series. Uses a TUV approved 4-point system which is widely used due to its balance of size and load capacity. Comes with...
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