ITEL DPRO6 TV Digital Audio Processor for TV


Audio processor for TV with capability of dembedding and reembedding audio on SDI stream, 2 band agc, 6 band limiting compressor and denoiser, includes loudness control according to ITU-R BS1770.

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ITEL DPRO6 TV Processore Audio Digitale per TV

Itel D-PRO 6

D-PRO 6 digital audio processor is a multi-band audio processor for sound processing, optimized for use in the D-TV environment.

The processing chain includes a two-band AGC that feeds the six-band limiter.

The final clipper-limiter operates at 96KHz and has been optimized to contain the distortion caused by this, allowing to obtain a clear sound and free of artifacts common to digital clipping.

The audio processing is realized through DSP, allowing to have a stable operation over time and the possibility of implementing new functions through software updates.

The loudness control, compliant with ITU-R BS.1770, allows to maintain a constant perceived volume level even with different types of audio input, such as movies, talk shows or music videos.

The version for D-TV use is supplied with SDI interface.

The same device can then process the audio already present in a SDI signal (SD - HD - 3G), or act as an audio embedder, inserting the audio from the analog or AES/EBU input in the SDI signal.

There is also an audio delay line to allow synchronization with the video signal.

In case of malfunction the device will automatically exclude itself, connecting all the outputs to the respective inputs.

Technical features

Analog audio input

Sampling 48KHz/24bits

Level +12/-12dBu

XLR connectors, electronically balanced

Digital audio input

Accepts AES/EBU or SPDIF format for sampling rates from 32 to 96KHz, XLR connector, transformer-balanced

Analog audio output

Level +12/-12dBu

De-emphasis Off, 50uS, 75uS

XLR connector, electronically balanced

Digital audio output

AES/EBU 48KHz, XLR connector, transformer balanced

Headphones output

1/4" (6.3mm) front jack

Output level 100mW RMS into 50 ohms


Audio processor 8mS

SDI interface (D-TV version)

compatible with SD / HD / 3G formats

1 SDI 75 ohm input on BNC

2 SDI outputs on BNC, one of which is equipped with automatic bypass in case of equipment malfunctioning

Loudness control ITU-R BS.1770

Remote control

RS-232 (standard)

Ethernet streaming (optional with sound card)

Ethernet standard (optional)

Power supply

100-240VAC 50/60Hz


1 unit 19" rack

44mm x 483mm x 156mm


2,5 Kg

Product Details
ITEL DPRO6 TV Processore Audio Digitale per TV
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